Introducing our newest superstar team member

People describe me as a positive, energetic and bubbly person. I always love to smile! A smile is contagious, and it is my goal this year to spread positivity through smiling. I want to see smiles everywhere, from the customers to my colleagues. I try to learn every single customer’s name. It makes them feel special and appreciated.

After graduating in hospitality management, I came to Dubai full of energy and ready to take on the big wide world. I landed my first job with a well-known café in Dubai & I thought “this is my chance! I will grab it with both hands and do my very best!” I worked with some great mentors and when I got headhunted for EAT, I couldn’t turn this opportunity down.

In my spare time I love to clean! I am a clean freak and I love when everything is tidy. I also like to spend time watching videos on YouTube trying to learn more skills, such as barista techniques and art. There is so much to learn!

I am looking forward to growing with my colleagues and making new memories.

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