Let food be your medicine with this all-around powerhouse dish

Superfoods might be old news, but they’re not called SUPER without a reason. The ‘super’ references a plethora of nutrients that these star foods provide with a wide array of health benefits.

With this in mind, Eat Cafe & Kitchen has lovingly created a dish that blends the superfood star team creating the perfect combo of flavour and health. The Anti C Superfoods Salad was carefully crafted by our chef during the breast cancer awareness month to give people a dish full of cancer preventative ingredients. The salad was so popular that we decided to keep it on our menu.

With its powerhouse 18 super ingredients and another 7 to create the perfectly matched dressing, do you need more convincing to dive into a plate of well-being? Read on to know more about this life-enhancing dish.

  • Each ingredient was chosen specifically because of its cancer-preventing properties. Different ingredients can help prevent different cancers, broccoli helps against breast and stomach cancer, whilst cauliflower helps against liver and lung cancer.
  • Your bones will be thanking spinach! Just one cup of this amazing superfood has 12% of your daily calcium dose and enough vitamin K to help prevent bone loss.
  • The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and vitamins found in red onion are what make this little ball of deliciousness so super.
  • Did you know that almonds are the most nutritionally dense nut! They offer the highest concentration of nutrients per gram.
  • Eating bell peppers and broccoli sprouts raw is much better for you as the important nutrients and vitamins are broken down when the veggies are cooked.
  • Kale is a powerhouse in terms of nutrition, providing more antioxidants, fibre, calcium and iron than most other veggies.
  • We are in love with Avocados. The Aztecs even used it as a symbol for love as they only grow in pairs. With this ingredient in our mix, we know you will love our salad too! Leek can kick cancer just as good as any of the other ingredients on this list. They’re also a great immune system booster and tasty too!
  • Why are lentils so good? Well, their high iron count means it can help fight of anaemia, and it can help make our energy last longer.
  • Oh, chickpea, what would we do without you? Science suggests that the first chickpeas were cultivated in the Middle East, but of course, they quickly spread across the globe because of their versatility and a high source of fibre.
  • Red cabbage boasts an impressive nutrient profile whilst also helping to strengthen our immune system. This extraordinary veggie is just what you need to keep your heart healthy.
  • Want to reduce your blood pressure? Zucchini is the one for you! This mighty helper can maintain healthy blood circulation and lower your blood pressure.
  • Bean sprouts are the underdog of the superfood world. They are one of the richest amino acid sources, which help build protein in our body.
  • We tried to squish in as much squash as possible into our salad! Squash is a great source of vitamin A and C. One cup of squash provides almost 5 times the daily requirement of Vitamin A.
  • Artichokes are technically flower buds which haven’t bloomed yet. But mixed into our salad they definitely blossom with their antioxidant properties.
  • You might be wondering why we added sunflower seeds to our salad. Well, their high nutritious factors were all that was needed to convince us this little seed can make our dish grow beyond our wildest expectations.
Come and visit us in Bay Square to try out this delicious dish.

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