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I come from a place where there’s a whole lot of FUN!…. THE PHILIPPINES! I was born and raised in the capital, but my parents were farmers who lived in the mountains & for years I have admired & loved the way they make food. Authentic, full of love and made with such passion. This is what inspired me to chase my dreams and become a chef.

After many years of working in Macau with some top chefs I was offered a job in one of the best restaurants in Dubai. I started in ZUMA, a Japanese Restaurant where I learned so many things about cooking and leadership. I grasped the opportunity to work with such amazing chefs of the world and continued on my mission to become the best chef I could possibly be.

I’m so happy working with EAT as it is what I really love to do it, EAT.  You will always find me in the kitchen eating something & tasting all the wonderful creations me and my team work so hard on.  My team give me such motivation & it makes me really happy seeing their interest & eagerness to learn from me and in turn, I love sharing my skills and knowledge & watching my team thrive & grow.

I would recommend the BRAISSED SHORT RIBS, this dish is made with lots of LOVE, cooked with PASSION and served with HAPPINESS.

My goal is to make each and every guest happy & content with my food creations & my dream is to be a Master of Food.

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